Emergency Food


There’s a paradigm shift in what people want in their emergency food!

 People know that:

  1. The use of artificial flavors, colors & preservatives are not good for them.
  2. Food that is good for you, spoils; and doesn’t last forever.
  3. Budgets are being slashed and the money that used to be set aside for Emergency Food is now on the chopping block.

Here’s something to consider:

If your “Emergency Food” were also tasty and nutritious enough to be used every day, you could save money by cycling products like Instant NEWtrition® into the food that is also served regularly in the kitchen.

Don’t buy something you don’t want to use when the expiration date approaches.

Buy Instant NEWtrition® and cycle it into food you plan to eat.

Today’s Solution is Instant NEWtrition®

A 12 oz serving provides:

17 grams of protein

1/3 your Daily Value of 19 essential vitamins and minerals

and it’s only 170-230 calories, depending on the flavor!



Newtritious Emergency Food Info


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