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What is Instant NEWtrition®?


It’s a complete and balanced meal in the form of an instant soup!  

Does Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry sound like a meal to you? Imagine if that’s all you could eat, day in and day out, 3 or 4 times a day!  Thank goodness there’s now a savory alternative to those meal replacement shakes. Instant NEWtrition® delivers more nutrition, keeps you feeling full longer, and provides more than twice as much variety as you’ll find in those sugary-sweet shakes.


It’s a nutritious side dish!

Don’t want to be on a liquid diet? That’s okay! Instant NEWtrition® makes a tasty side dish, too. Perfect with a salad or sandwich, or something to grab as you’re going out the door. You won’t find an easier meal to make, or one that packs more nutrition into every drop.


It’s a healthy snack!

In a hurry and just want to make sure you get the nutrition you need? Grab a cup of Instant NEWtrition® and you’ll receive a substantial portion of your Daily Value for protein and 19 essential vitamins and minerals.


It’s a delicious sauce mix!

Make a snack a nutritious meal: Mix some Instant NEWtrition® with a little water and you’ll have a delicious sauce that will boost the flavor and nutrition of any entrée or side dish. Try Instant NEWtrition® in an omelet, or use it to season chicken, steak or fish. You can boost the nutritional value of a baked potato, a bowl of rice or a plate of noodles simply by pouring on a sauce made with tasty Instant NEWtrition®.


It’s an Emergency Food!

Lightweight and shelf-stable for over a year, Instant NEWtrition® makes a great emergency food. Best of all, it has no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and it’s healthy for you. So don’t purchase emergency food that you’ll have to discard when the expiration date approaches. Keep enough Instant NEWtrition® around and use it as your emergency food, too! You’ll be healthier and save money by always keeping Instant NEWtrition® on hand.

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