Who’s It For?

Who’s It For?

  • People In A Rush With Little Time To Eat
  • Children & Elderly Who Want Something Easy To Make
  • People Who Want To Lose Weight
  • People With Diabetes
  • People On Chemotherapy
  • People With Trouble Chewing or Swallowing
  • People With Little Appetites
  • People Who Want To Make Sure That They Eat Healthfully

 You’ll Know You Need Instant NEWtrition® When…


You don’t have the time or patience to prepare meals with completely balanced nutrition.

Instant NEWtrition® provides optimum nutrition to those in a hurry. Simply mix Instant NEWtrition® with hot water and you’ve prepared a completely balanced meal that delivers close to 1/3 your daily value of all the nutrients you need to thrive.


You have trouble swallowing or chewing, and can’t eat enough to provide all the nutrition your body needs

Instant NEWtrition® is nutrient dense and provides optimum nutrition to those who can’t consume enough food to receive the nutrition they need.


You’re over weight and/or have Diabetes and want to reduce calories but not the nutrition you need.

Are you trying to “treat diabetes as primary”? Not with those sugary-sweet shakes you’re not! Consuming sugary-sweet beverages only reinforces one’s desire to have something sweet! So, even if your shake is sweetened with low calorie, artificial or natural sweeteners, that isn’t a good alternative when you have diabetes and you’re trying to wean someone away from craving sweets. Instant NEWtrition® is a savory soup that provides you with completely balanced nutrition. Make Instant NEWtrition® part of your everyday diet and get all the nutrients you need to thrive, while avoiding spikes in your glycemic index.


You’ve developed an aversion to sweet, as a side effect to chemotherapy.

Some people don’t like sweet. And others, due to their medical procedures, develop an aversion to it.  Finally, there’s an alternative to those sugary-sweet meal replacement shakes.  Instant NEWtrition® is an instant soup which, when mixed with hot water, becomes a savory alternative that provides balanced nutrition comparable to a complete meal. It’s just what the doctor ordered!

Everything tastes like cardboard.

Advanced years and some medical procedures can leave you without your sense of taste. Instant NEWtrition® adds spice and variety to one’s life! Seven savory options are specially formulated to provide a variety of flavorful choices that can be enjoyed even by those whose sense of taste is not as acute as it used to be.



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